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Support Policies & Procedures




Support if you have transaction problems:


If you encounter a problem when buying or selling on Konstruk, we offer guidelines, tools, and protection services that can help.


We make it easy to contact members to resolve problems. If direct communication does not work, you can use Konstruk’s Customer Service to work out a solution with your buyer or seller and report the problem to Konstruk.



Managing problems as a buyer:


In many cases, communicating directly with a seller can resolve your concern. You can click the “contact seller” in the Konstruk app to internally settle the issue with the seller.


If you paid for an item, but did not receive it, or if you paid for and received an item, but it was significantly different from the item description, start by discussing the problem with the seller. If this does not work, you can work it out in our Customer Service.


If you paid for an item with a credit card, contact your credit card company to get information about its protection services.



Managing problems as a seller:


If a buyer does not pay for an item or you need to cancel a transaction, after trying to resolve it directly with the buyer, you can work it out in the Konstruk’s Customer Service.


You can report cases of unwelcome bidding or buying.


You can also block buyers based on their user IDs or select buyer requirements for your listings based on criteria including country of registration, their buying history on Konstruk, and whether they have a Konstruk E-wallet and/or bank account.








Konstruk’s Customer Service:


Konstruk's primary approach in supporting our customers is through the "Contact Us" button that is available within our site. Our support team's average time to first response is about one to two hours.


Standard Support Hours:

·      Mon. – Sunday: 8am to 5pm



Konstruk's Customer Service Team Schedule:


Two Personnel: Mon-Wed 8am-5pm

One Personnel: Thur-Sun 8am-5pm